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Matters pertaining to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau in such areas as cross-strait policies, laws and regulations, economic, cultural, and educational exchanges, as well as the coordination of related civic issues and interagency affairs, are the remit of the Mainland Affairs Councilopen new window.

Matters pertaining to immigration and border controls, new immigrants, foreign spouses (excluding interviews for resident visas for dependents), and applications for Alien Resident Certificates (excluding visa applications for travel to Taiwan) are the remit of the National Immigration Agencyopen new window.      
To avoid delays in the handling of any complaints, suggestions, or petitions you may wish to put forward concerning any of the above, please email them directly to either the Mainland Affairs Councilopen new window or the National Immigration Agency accordinglyopen new window.


《How we process your email》

Welcome to the Minister's Mailbox. This is one of the many ways for you to contact us directly. You can use this website to share your thoughts and comments with us. Whenever you have anything to bring to our attention, simply write us an email and furnish us with your name, telephone and email address via this website. We will handle your issue as quickly as possible.

As we value your opinion, please provide us with your real name, a valid address, and concrete contents, or we will not be able to reply. In addition, if any of the following instances appear in your letter, we are afraid that we won't be able to provide a response:

  • If others' articles, links, blogs or unverified reports are included in your email.
  • If you continue to send in requests concerning the same incident despite the fact that it has been managed properly as well as being answered clearly by us.
  • Letters of the same nature that have already been delivered by you to the ROC (Taiwan)'s Office of the President and the Executive Yuan.
  • If your requests involve opinions that are emotional, provocative, baseless, include personal attacks, vilifying or defamatory, or indicate personal information-leaking or similar implications.
  • If your requests do not concern our jurisdiction, we will forward them to other competent authorities.

When we receive an email from you, we will reply with a verification notice. Please confirm receipt of this notice by following the instructions in the notice.

The computer system will then send you a second notice with a serial number and a code for checking on the progress of your case.

Any email which is not confirmed will be kept for 30 days before it is deleted. If you do not receive the initial verification notice, please click the Confirm Mail button in the top right corner of this page.

We will provide a response to your email within seven days of the second notice. If the complexity of the matter requires a longer response time, we will first notify you by email. In this case, please wait patiently for our final response. If you submit multiple emails regarding the same matter, without new evidence, we will treat them all as a single case, without further notification to you. All responses from the Minister's Mailbox are automatically generated. As the automatic system cannot accept emails, please do not reply directly to them.

Receipt of your email by the Minister's Mailbox implies that you understand and accept our management principles and processes, as well as the privacy and security policies of our system.


《Process chart》


Process chart


send your e-mail→receive a ready-to-be-confirmed email from us→complete your confirmation process
→our system sends out a notice of receiving your confirmation to you with a serial number 
and a code number regarding your request, which in the meantime has been assigned to 
the relevant department to prepare an answer→we send out our response to you
→the case is closed.