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  • Write a Letter to Us

    Please read the related messages about how to proceed to send your letter to us on this webpage before you click the “Agree” button, and enter that page to continue to fill in the requested information about yourself. Please note that you are required to fill in the columns marked with an * sign. Also, please leave your real contact information so that we can reply to it with a confirmation letter for you to respond to.
     The system will send a notice to ensure you that we will proceed with your request after we have received a confirmation from you, in addition to attaching the serial number and code related to your letter. These two pieces of information will facilitate your checking on the progress of our management of your letter. 
  • FAQ

    The frequently asked questions of this site are available for reviewing by either choosing a subject by moving your cursor to the down bar or by typing in key words to continue the search. The page of the answer related to the question you pointed at with the mouse will then be revealed.
  • Check Progress

     The result of your request on checking the progress of your letter to us will be presented after you fill in the designated spaces with the e-mail address that you used to send in your letter, the serial number and the code provided by us in our previous letter to you, and the confirmation code revealed on the page that you are currently on. The result of such a request will be revealed after you click the “Submit” button.
     If you don't remember your serial number and code, please click the link indicating that you have forgotten the two pieces of information to lead you to a page to fill in your original e-mail address and the confirmation code at the side before you click the “Send” button. Our website will still reply to such a request with the result of the search.
     The confirmation code inside the graph on the right side of the description will change if you click the “Refresh” button. If you would like to hear a voiced confirmation code, please click the “Voice” button.